2015-16 Accrediting Council Decisions

                                                         Standards                               Council
School                                      in Noncompliance                     Decision

Alaska Anchorage (revisit)                 —                                      Reaccredit

University of Arkansas                         3, 9                                  Provisional

Bowling Green State Univ.                   1, 5                                  Provisional

Univ. of Southern Mississippi              1                                      Reaccredit

*High Point University                           2                                     Provisional
This was an initial accreditation review. School has no accreditation
status during this provisional period.                                                              

North Carolina A&T                               4, 9                                  Provisional

Texas Christian University                    9                                      Provisional

Ball State University                               3                                      Reaccredit

Howard University                                 7                                       Reaccredit

*University of Sharjah                          9                                        Accredit

Syracuse University                               9                                       Reaccredit
Professional Master’s                            9                                       Reaccredit

Western Kentucky University              3                                        Reaccredit

California State Univ. Chico               —                                        Reaccredit

California State Univ. Northridge      —                                       Reaccredit

Iowa State University                           —                                       Reaccredit

Louisiana State University                   —                                      Reaccredit
     Professional Master’s                      —                                      Reaccredit

* Massey University                              —                                      Accredit
       Professional Master’s                    —                                      Accredit

Murray State University                      —                                       Reaccredit

So. Florida Univ. St. Petersburg         —                                       Reaccredit
      Professional Master’s                     —                                      Accredit

University of Alabama                         —                                       Reaccredit
       Professional Master’s                    —                                      Reaccredit

Chile                                                        —                                      Reaccredit

University of Maryland                        —                                      Reaccredit
       Professional Master’s                   —                                      Reaccredit

University of North Texas                   —                                      Reaccredit
       Professional Master’s                   —                                      Reaccredit

Univ. of Wisconsin Osh Kosh             —                                       Reaccredit

* Denotes an initial accreditation review.