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Selection of the Site Visit Team

Site visit teams are chosen by the executive director in consultation with the officers. The institution seeking accreditation has the right to review the composition and curricula vitae of the visit team. It has the right to ask that team members who may have a conflict of interest be replaced and to expect that a majority of members will be from peer institutions and from industry groups and organizations with interests in the programs that the institution offers. Persons invited to serve as members of site visit teams are expected to disqualify themselves if they are aware of any situation or circumstance that might be a conflict of interest (or be construed as a conflict of interest) and thus call into question the independence of their judgments and decisions.

ACEJMC maintains a pool of potential team members, including female and racial/ethnic minority practitioners and educators.

The Council strongly encourages that every effort be made to include on each site visit team at least one industry representative or educator who is a member of an ethnic/racial minority group and at least one female practitioner or educator. The site visit team also should include at least one person who is not a member of the Accrediting Committee or the Accrediting Council.

Each team member receives a copy of the Council’s Site Visit Team Manual, which explains the team’s activities and responsibilities in detail. In addition, the Council offers workshops for team members in conjunction with major meetings of journalism and mass communications education organizations.